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Digital Voice & Data Multiplexer

The VCL-MX Version 5 – 12 E1 Multiplexer provides full range of POTS (voice) and digital data services to subscribers located at different locations, requiring interconnecting and establishing a voice and data network over an E1 Link.This product supports 1+1 E1 Link Protection .

Optical Line Terminal Equipment

The Cisco ME 4600 Series Optical Line Terminal (OLT) portfolio offers an exceptionally broad and scalable solution that gives network service providers a flexible and cost-effective approach for optical fiber access solutions over active or passive optical network architectures.

Digital Microwave

Microwave is a kind of electromagnetic wave. The frequency range of microwave is 300 MHz to 300 GHz. But in microwave communication, the frequency range is generally from 3 GHz to 30 GHz. accordingly, the wavelength is between 1 decimeter and 1 centimeter, so microwave is also called “centimeter wave”.

Programmable Drop/Insert Multiplexer

FLEXIMUX is a versatile 30-channel (2.048 MBPS) digital voice and data multiplexer. Besides, use as terminal equipment, it has the capacity of channel-wise drop and re-insert as a wayside unit with flexible voice interfaces for different adaptations.The associated can also controlled via NMS.

LAN, WAN, Wireless Solutions

A wireless local area network (WLAN) is a wireless distribution method for two or more devices that use high-frequency radio waves and often include an access point to the Internet. A WLAN allows users to move around the coverage area, often a home or small office, while maintaining a network connection.

Power Conditioning

A power conditioner is an electrical component designed to improve the quality of power supplied to a computer component by supplying voltage at the level that allows that component to operate properly. Although technically there is no single correct definition for a power conditioner .

Client Server Solutions

A clientserver network is designed for end-users, called clients, to access resources such as files, songs, video collections, or some other service from a central computer called a server. A server’s sole purpose is to do what its name implies – serve its clients! You may have known it.

Network Consultancy & Audit

IT audit consultants may work for a consulting business or operate on a freelance basis. They evaluate the design and effectiveness of an organization’s computer systems, which includes data systems, computer networks and security solutions. The assessment takes into account client needs.

VPN Solution

A virtual private network (VPN) is a technology that creates an encrypted connection over a less secure network. The benefit of using a VPN is that it ensures the appropriate level of security to the connected systems when the underlying network infrastructure alone cannot provide it.

Storage & Backup

Backup storage refers to a storage device, medium or facility that is used for storing copies and instances of backup data. Backup storage enables the maintenance, management, retrieval and restoration of backup data for any individual, application, computer, server or any computing device.

Remote Access Solutions

Remote access refers to the ability to access a computer, such as a home computer or an office network computer, from a remote location. This allows employees to work offsite, such as at home or in another location, while still having access to a distant computer or network, such as the office network.

Internet Bandwidth Service

In business, bandwidth is sometimes used as a synonym for capacity or ability. In this sense, bandwidth usually refers to having time or staffing available to tackle something, e.g. “We just don’t have the bandwidth to take on mobile app development, we’re already short-staffed on developers.

Business Messaging Solutions

Messages are constantly being sent by people all over the world, they can be verbal through talking or written through mail. In business world the style sending a message is different. Here you are dealing with executives of the companies, sales agents, managers, employees and clients.

Web Based Security Solutions

A Web-based application refers to any program that is accessed over a network connection using HTTP, rather than existing within a device’s memory. Web-based applications often run inside a Web browser. However, Web-based applications also may be client-based,  over the Internet on an external server.

HP, Compaq, IBM, HCL, Wipro’s PC

Indian infotech majors Wipro and HCL have emerged among the top three vendors in terms of customer satisfaction, says a Dataquest survey. “In the desktop vendors category, the top three vendors in terms of customer satisfaction were HP-Compaq, Wipro and HCL.

IBM/HP Servers

IBM (International Business Machines) is by far the world’s largest information technology company in terms of revenue ($88 billion in 2000) and by most other measures, a position it has held for about the past 50 years. IBM products include hardware and software for a line of business servers.

Facility Management Services

The facilities management profession has come of age. Its practitioners require skill and knowledge. The sector definition continues to expand to include the management of an increasingly broad range of tangible assets, support services and people skills.They vary from one business sector to another.

IP Surveillance CCTV

IP surveillance is a digitized and networked version of closed-circuit television (CCTV). In an IP surveillance system, an IP camera records video footage and the resulting content is distributed over an IP (Internet protocol) network.The ability to connect to email and other communications systems .

Facility Management Services(FMS)

One of our major service operations is the Managed IT Services, where we’ve got 100% customer-satisfaction in most onsite supports. On this model we prepare our technologists with instruction programs, conducted for Facility management services and support, at the customer’s sites.


The EPABX may be defined as a switching system that makes available both internal and external stitching functions of any organisation.The selection of an EPBAX is a difficult task and requires deep knowledge of traffic pattern of the office. By using an EPABX both the internal and external .