Our Products

Silica Infotech brings your business the biggest brands and the widest choice of IT products at the best value.

Server and PC

We supply a wide range of workstations and servers. We also give an in-depth knowledge of how best to configure hardware to power your business.


We supply a large range of Notebook and PDA devices to provide you with the benefits of mobility in the workplace. Because of our relationship with manufacturers, we are in a position to supply you with information on the best and latest offerings in the market.

Peripheral Products

We supply a large range of Monitors and Projectors. We also specialize in all types and makes of printers including dot-matrix, inkjet, mono, color and multifunctional.

Storage devices

We stock thousands of supplies such as floppy discs, zip discs, CD-ROMs and DVD Writers. We can also offer advice on how best to back up data in your business. We give recommendations on cutting-edge storage devices such as external hard drives and advanced back-up solutions.

Networking Hardware

We supply a comprehensive range of networking hardware and components as well as best practice recommendations and advice on how to configure your network to your requirements.

We supply Bridges and Routers, Hubs and Switches, Network Drives, Multiplexers, Firewall, Intrusion Detection System, Ethernet, Modems, ISDN & DSL Products, Fiber Optics, Cat5/Cat6 Copper Cables.

CCTV Surveillance Systems

With the gradual development of more and more businesses and increasing risk of thefts and frauds, the security of the business has become an essential aspect. To cater to this need, we have come up with CCTV monitoring surveillance systems that can help in countering dangerous situations and even small lapses. It includes CCTV surveillance camera, CCTV IR cameras, CCTV video surveillance, CCD camera, wireless security camera, etc. Leveraging on our in-depth business expertise and innovative technology, we are capable of offering our clients with remote monitoring solutions that assures security against all kinds danger situations. These systems facilitate our clients to outsource their surveillance needs and focus on their core business activities. These systems are provided with video capture and video storage facilities.

Access Control and Security Systems

We provide state-of-the-art access control software and hardware in an easy-to-implement and easy-to-use access control solution that seamlessly integrate with a wide range of facility management products. Our flexible access control software is suited to the needs of organizations who seek a new system as they are to those who plan to bring an existing system up to date. Plus, our sophisticated access control solutions run on Windows-based software, so that they are easy to implement, easy to learn, and easy to use.
We provide:-
• Time and attendance/payroll.
• Visitor management.
• Global inputs/outputs and global activity links.
• Threat Level Management.
• Multilingual operator support and custom language entry.
• Elevator control: Built-in, easiest programming
• Scalable video solutions, from legacy systems to multiple locations and unlimited cameras
• Remote Web Client – system control in the building or out of the office
• Unsurpassed card and reader processing speeds and multitasking
• Seamless intrusion/fire system integration

Home Theatre System

An entertainment system for your home that usually includes a large television, a DVD player or VCR, and a sound system with many speakers.