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About Us

Silica Infotech Pvt Ltd. is India’s leading IT and Telecom System Integrator and Infrastructure Management Services Organization with expertise across verticals including Telecom, PIDS (Public Information Display Systems), and Access Control and Security Systems.
We create end to end transport solutions built on optical networking technology. Silica’s transport solutions are being successfully deployed today in all major telecom networks in India. These solutions cover traditional Drop Insert Multiplexer SDH/SONET, Carrier Ethernet, transition solutions like Carrier Ethernet over SDH/SONET High capacity C/DWDM solutions as well as a common Network Management System backed by 24×7 support.

We are Business Transformation Consulting firm focused on the Telecom Industry. With the convergence of media and telecom, the changing landscape of the telecom industry is becoming extremely competitive. As companies rapidly strive to gain a competitive advantage, SILICA helps companies innovate and transform by leveraging its unique insights, differentiated services and flexible partnering models. This has helped our customers reduce operating costs and generate new revenue streams.

Recognizing that margins from connectivity are rapidly falling and that future growth in revenues and margins will only come from new applications, content and services, operators today are busy addressing business opportunities revolving around Commerce, Content, Convergence and Customer Experience to gain a sustainable Competitive Advantage.

At Silica Infotech, we understand this

For over decades, Silica Infotech has been the chosen transformation partner for wire line, wireless and broadband operators in India. Committed to quality, Silica Infotech adds value to client businesses through well-established methodologies, tools and techniques backed by its stringent quality processes. SILICA Infotech is ISO certified in the field of Computer Peripherals Networking & Telecom Integration.

Focus on the future

Next Generation networks are expected to have a common IP-based architecture delivering multiple services over many different network technologies, which would increase flexibility and reduce overall cost. But it is hard to achieve without proper attention to the network’s underlying support systems. SIPL is focusing on emerging Next Generation technologies, such as IMS, WiMax, IPTV and Web 2.0, and is building solutions and offerings for equipment manufacturers, independent software vendors and service providers to help retain their competitive edge.

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